About Grun Generation

Grun Generation is a charity organisation/community developed to cater to the educational needs of youths in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa at Large. We develop a system to augment the current educational system. Our vision is to build a sustainable community of sufficiently educated young generation who are equipped and empowered to make life enhancing decisions. At the horizon of our vision is the initiation and sustainable operation of learning centers in each city of Nigeria and Sub-Saharan African at large. The following are our causes:

  1.  Competitive learning: We attract young talents via educational contests. Since beginning of 2020, we have conducted monthly successful online tournaments. Winners were publicly announced and awarded. By donating to us, we would be able to increase the worth of our prizes and the number of winners, raising the momentum towards quality education.

  2. Peer-to-Peer Learning: winners are invited to grun-generation’s volunteer program, in which they commit to teaching their peers on a subject related to their dream profession. Volunteers are also matched with mentors, who guide them on their educational journey. We are currently onboarding the first set of volunteers and matching them with suitable candidates in our mentor's pool. By donating to us, we would be able to cover students' communication costs with their peers/mentors and afford volunteer management costs especially in COVID times.

  3. Accelerated learning: successful volunteers are invited to weeks-long educational bootcamps as learners and prefects; Local community students are invited as well. Bootcamps are designed to assemble successful professionals and companies - locally and from diaspora – with students. We aim to not only teach but also broaden the minds of students. By donating to us, we can fund such bootcamps in the local communities.

Finally, bootcamps sites/cities become top candidates for instituting learning centers. Our centers will provide students exciting and interesting experiences to practice, reteach and enhance their learning in the local communities. They will be fully equipped with facilities to aid young adults between 10- 25 years of age to build the mind and intellect, preparing them for the future. These centers will be a safe haven for peer-to-peer learning; It would leverage AI technologies for personalized learning and prediction of students' educational path; It would power the development of  sustainable solutions for challenges in the local community; Her programme would include peace club activities; science, art and craft activities and career choice training.